Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thanks to Our Volunteers!

A HUGE thank you to the TREACV and other volunteers for coming out Saturday and landscaping our Hero's Home. It was amazing! 1.5 hours and the shurbs, tree, front and back yard sod were laid. Great Job!!!!


  1. Great to see so many organizations and neighbors helping out!

  2. Wow what a time. Who knew hard labor could be filled with so many good times. Even the kids were sweating! Thank you to everyone who came out and I enjoyed talking with each of you. I so felt it the next day, but all the work done looked so amazing. It warms my heart watching things come together so fast when people show up wanting nothing more but to help. I got in my car afterward and me and my son thanked the lord for each and everyone that gives of themselves to make our lives so blessed! Me and my son will never forget that day for the rest of our lives. Thanks to all!
    Crissy Roberts